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SPRINKLERS > Big hose trolleys for sport areas
Model 410

Steel pipe with oven-baked powder-coating (colour: orange-red). Waterflow 1“

Hose inclusion:
ca. 120 metres   1“-hose
ca. 160 metres  ¾“-hose

Plastic-wheels ca. 180 mm  Ø
Own weight: ca. 10 kg
Measures: 635 x 510 x 590 mm, packed

2 years guarantee.

Art.-no. 40-00410
RGM-Big lane sprinklers

… for automatically irrigation of sports facilities, sport- and lawngrounds.
RGM sprinkler for large sites are working during you sleep, because they need for day- or night operation no additional service. If the sprinklers arrived at the end of the court or the site, they switch off by themselves.

The most important features!
- RGM sprinklers for large sites takes just a few minutes for preparing than they are ready for operating.
- They reduce the need for manual work at a minimum of ca. 10 minutes per each to irrigationed site of ca. 70 x 100 metres.
- The sprinklers irrigate great lawnsites with reduce costs
- RGM sprinklers for large sites are built robuste and reliable. All parts are made of stainless material and have a long lifespan.

Simplest operating!
On the sprinkler is a reel with the towing rope. The towing rope will be pulled out and fixed at the supplied steel spike. The hose (1“) will be fixed at the hydrant and at the sprinkler. With opening the water tap the sprinkler begins to operate.

Functional sketch:
Sprinkler 205

Technical data:
Robust cast-iron frame, other parts are made of non-
rusting material (bronze alloy). Circle sprinkler head with
nozzle size 6,4 mm Ø.
Please note the performance tables.

Sprinkler 205 (Standard)
Art.-no. 50-02005
    with 90 metres wire rope
Art.-no. 50-02008
    with 135 metres wire rope

Sprinkler 205 S (Fast runner)
The same technical version like sprinkler 205, but setted at Fast-Run-Mode.
Art.-no. 50-02006
    with 90 metres wire rope
Art.-no. 50-02016
    with 135 metres wire rope

Art.-no. 50-02009
    90 metres wire rope
Art.-no. 50-02011
    135 metres wire rope
Art.-no. 50-02010
   Spare circle sprinkler head

Spare nozzle sizes for all sprinklers for large
Art.-no. 50-02012
    Performance datas, please
    notice the tables.

Area of sprinkling:
max. width of sprinkling:  48 metres
max. longth of sprinkling: 140 metres (with 100 metres wire rope), 183 m (with 135 metres wire rope)

Running speeds:
Standard types: 8 - 18 metres/h
Fast runners:    16 - 40 metres/h (S-types)

General information:
All self-pulling sprinklers will be delivered with a circle sprinkler head  with a nozzle size of 6,4 mm Ø!
Furthermore the sprinkler 205 can also be equipped with a circle- and sectorsprinkler.

SPRINKLERS > Big hose trolleys for sport areas
Model 320

Hose trolley for professionals.
Steel pipe with oven-baked powder-coating (colour: grey).
Waterflow 3/4“

Hose inclusion:
ca. 150 metres ½“-hose
ca. 100 metres ¾“-hose
ca.   50 metres  1“-hose

Pneumatic tires, ca. 260 mm Ø
Own weight: ca. 12 kg
Measures: 760 x 550 x 790 mm, packed

2 years guarantee.

Art.-no. 40-00320



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SPRINKLERS > Sprinkler with tripod with draggable legs, 1“-connection

- very robust circle sprinkler, version 1"
- Stativ made from hot-dip galvanized 1“-pipe
- galvanized, protects against corrosion
- water supply about GEKA connection at the base

Full circle sprinkler
Art.-no. 40-00904

Pitch circle sprinkler
Art.-no. 40-00905

SPRINKLERS > Sprinkler on Tripod stand, 3/4"
3/4“-version, foldable

- circle sprinkler, version 3/4“
- tripod with metal disk for fixation
- can now secured against opening during carrying
- with rounded edges to prevent injury
- very robust version
- galvanized, protects against corrosion
- plate feet protect the ground  against damage
- for all lawn-, hardcourts and tamped areas

Full Circle sprinkler
Art.-no. 40-00902

Pitch circle sprinkler
Art.-no. 40-00903

2 years guarantee.

SPRINKLERS > Sprinkler on ground spike, 1/2"-sprinkler
Sprinkler on ground spike, 1/2“-sprinkler

Art.-no. 40-00906

Full- and pitch circle sprinkler
with ground spike & quick coupling

Robust built.
Spike galvanized
Water flow: 1/2“
Connection: 1/2“

2 years guarantee.
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