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The special marking paint R2000 is a watersoluble marking paint, especially  suitable for marking of lawn sports grounds, but also for hard grounds! It fits for all wet marking carts that are on the market.

Particular features
The R2000 is lime- and solvent-free and therefore completely harmless for humans, animals and environment. It is opaque white and brighten, fast drying from ca. 5°C and sticks after drying up to 4 weeks on the sod. The ready mixed paint is retaining in this condition, so it can be  stored in the marking cart for several hours and then be used up.

Fan nozzle-Insets

Art.-no. 60-07022
(fig. 1)  brass ES-80/02 mm
Art.-no. 60-07024
(without fig.) brass ES-80/04 mm
Art.-no. 60-07028
(without fig.) brass ES-80/05 mm
Art.-no. 60-07029
(without fig.) brass ES-80/08 mm

Fan nozzles with bigger nozzle drillings on request.
fig. 1
Spare-Fan nozzles

Art.-no. 60-07019
(fig. 1) Screw cap
Art.-no. 60-07028
(fig. 2) Nozzle inset ES 80/05 mm
Art.-no. 60-07020
(fig. 3) Sealing ring
Art.-no. 60-07018
(fig. 4) Spacer nut, brass
Art.-no. 60-07016
(fig. 5) Fan nozzle complete
fig. 2
fig. 3
fig. 4
fig. 5
Fig. 1
Spare sheets for lining

Spare sheets, fits for all RGM-Wet marking carts.
1 Set = 1 lining sheet for right and 1 for left side
Standardversion for lawn-marking
Art.-no. 60-07025
   1 Set complete
Art.-no. 60-07026
   1 lining sheet for right side (fig. 1)
Art.-no. 60-07027
   1 lining sheet for left side

Sheets, longer edition
for marking car parks
Art.-no. 60-07058
    1 Set complete
Art.-no. 60-07059
    1 lining sheet for right side (fig. 2)
Art.-no. 60-07060
    1 lining sheet for left side
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
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The R2000 was especially developed for marking lines at lane-sportgrounds, it can be also used at sand- and  hardgrounds. Please take care, that your lane-sportground is short cutted before marking, because this suspends the durability of marking and the paint-consumption.

The R2000 will be delivered as a paste-like paintconcentrate. It is permitted to thinned down only with water. The mixing proportion is at new-marking ca. 1 : 3 - 1 : 5, at regular marking ca. 1 : 4 - 1 : 6.

R2000 can be stored in tight sealed originalcontainer until ca. 1 year. Take care, that the paint will be stored in frostless rooms. The R2000 is avaible in colour white. Other colours on request. Content of container: 15 kg.

Art.-no. 90-01114
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